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Synopsis of Supervillain

Alan Grey is a well-regarded executive at his company who is about to get promoted. He lives in a downtown apartment with his partner, Jane, and he enjoys the company of his friends for drinks every weekend. Everybody considers him a successful man and he enjoys everyday life. When he is unjustly fired over a mistake that he did not make, his life begins to change. Alan discovers that not everything is what it seems. Some of his friends turn their backs on him, others ignore him, and discussions with his partner become an ongoing obsession heightened by the lack of money to pay the mortgage. No bank wants to lend him money.

Gradually, he loses his self-esteem, and gets caught in the great global recession. He lies on the couch watching the catastrophic news, and he becomes aware with increasing indifference, of what he believes is the true nature of human beings. When his wife leaves him, Alan gets drunk, so badly that on the way back home, which he is about to lose, he is mugged and shot, left to die in a dark alley. He wakes up after a few hours, a bullet hole in his blood-soaked shirt, but no wound. From that point on he will discover that his body has changed, both physically and mentally. Nothing can hurt him, he is incredibly fast, and he can control or request any item he wishes to: water, fire, electricity…

He will try to put his new powers to good use, but when the government begins to chase him, and an unfortunate accident causes people to turn against him, he decides to take revenge on the whole world. From that point onwards, no one will be safe: bankers, politicians, armies, churches, cities, he retaliates with increasing violence and disdain towards life. Will anyone stop him before he finishes mankind off?





About Supervillain movie

Thanks for looking at this page. Supervillain is a movie by Mark Entertainment Studio.

This movie project is only an idea of what can be an interesting superhero movie. All current movies are based in superheroes who help people, and the supervillain exist as a nemesis of the main character. There is always more than one character with superpowers. So the question is: What could happen if a single person would have superpowers in the whole world? Would he be good? Or worse, would he be evil? If no one can stop him, and no one understands him, events can be catastrophic.

This is the idea of a Supervillain movie and a script that I have in mind. The problem, obviously, is to take it out.

Meanwhile, there is another project I have much more advanced. This is the book entitled “Hairago”. It’s a fantasy novel with over 500 pages in length. The novel was a finalist in II Awards for Literary Creation Bubok. If you want to help me, you can always buy it. The book is available in Kindle, Apple, Google Play and paper too. The novel is written “mainly” in Spanish. Anyone wants to translate it? Of course, making a film of Hairago is much more complicated. Perhaps James Cameron or Peter Jackson will read this someday.

Here are the links to buy the book Hairago, if you are interested